For me, wealth is not necessarily defined by a number. Is a millionaire wealthy?

I guess that depends on where his millions are…

One MILLION Dollars!

One MILLION Dollars!

If he has 1.5 million dollars tied up in stocks and bonds and earns $100,000/yr but he has mortgage, car and credit card payments that add up to$90,000/yr…

Then despite all his assets this guy is just scraping by.

My definition of wealth involves me being able to purchase the things I need and want without having to stress about the price tag.

But more important to me than the “things” money can buy, is the time it should buy for me. What good is owning a “cottage” on the ocean in Malibu if I never have to the time to go there because I have to work all the time to make the payments?

So for me, wealth is currently a balance. I make sure to earn enough to do the things that are really important to me, but I don’t do so much that I have to work all th

e time to afford it.

I’m 44 years old right now and this past year I was able to manage 4 vacations. But my goal by the time I turn 50, is not to even know the difference between a “vacation” and my day-to-day life!

Early retirement is key, and the majority of the pages that spring from this page will deal with that.